Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS)

We have introduced the PATHS curriculum as part of our PSHE curriculum. The PATHS® program has been shown to significantly improve children's social and emotional skills.
The PATHS curriculum helps children develop four types of skills:

• Friendship Skills — making friends, keeping friends, good manners

• Emotional Skills — talking about feelings, understanding and respecting others’ feelings

• Self-control Skills — being able to calm down, being respectful to parents and teachers

• Problem-solving Skills — recognizing problems and solving them, making good decisions

The Educational Objectives and Goals are:

  1. To establish and reinforce basic classroom rules
  2. To strengthen self-control and encourage reflective thinking in the classroom
  3. To improve children's communication skills with adults and peers
  4. To use literature to discuss and promote prosocial, responsible behavior
  5. To increase children's abilities to identify, understand, and discuss the variety of feelings people experience in their daily lives
  6. To enhance children's abilities to recognize and interpret similarities and differences in the feelings, reactions, and points of view in themselves and others
  7. To build character development through the reading of "role-model" biographies
  8. To promote the development of empathy and perspective-taking
  9. To help children use social problem-solving skills to prevent and/or resolve problems and conflicts in social interactions
  10. To support children in using these skills to improve classroom ecology and academic success.