The Cedars Primary School

How Can I Help My Child at Home?


  •  Talk to your child!  Encourage them to use longer sentences and develop their vocabulary.
  •  Take an interest in what they are doing at school and always be positive.
  •  Share books!  Read to your child, get them to read to you and talk about books.
  •  Limit screen time, especially time spent on electronic games. Check they are only playing age appropriate games - they are over 18 for good reasons.
  •  Ensure they get enough sleep. 

Occasionally/when necessary: 

  •  Talk to your child's teacher about any concerns that you or your child have, or any changes in their lives.
  •  Ask the teacher to give you ideas on how to support their specific difficulties.
  •  Get eyes checked once a year, eye tests are free for children.

Encouraging your child’s language skills:


  • Ask them about their day, interests, friends etc.
  • Ask them their opinions eg. What’s their favourite TV programme and why? Talk about things that have happened.
  • Get them to tell you about a story or TV programme they have seen. 


  • Read to them.
  • Makeup stories to go with the pictures.
  • Retell stories together.
  • Discuss your favourite characters or the funny bits of the story.
  • Let them read to you.


Imaginative Play:

Let your child lead the way in developing make-believe stories.

  • Tea parties.
  • Shops
  • Playing with dolls or action figures.

Play with pretend telephones.

Take turns to give each other directions around the house, or instructions.

20 Questions.

  • One person thinks of an object and everyone has to guess what it is by asking up to 20 questions. The answer can only be yes or no.

Sports Commentary.

  • The children describe things as if they were sports commentators. This could be when you get on with cooking dinner and they give you a running commentary!



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