The Cedars Primary School

The Cedars Primary School Vision

It is the intention of The Cedars to provide every child with the best education possible within a safe, supportive and stimulating environment. We strive to promote self-worth and respect so that each of our children may achieve their full potential.  Central to our approach is equality of opportunity throughout the school: all children are fully included in the life and curriculum of our school and reasonable adjustments are made to achieve this.  Through the commitment and dedication of all staff, and the support of parents, the Governing Body of The Cedars Primary School aims to offer its children education of the highest quality.

Our vision is for children to develop and use the following skills:




Our lessons and activities are planned to ensure that children have the best possible opportunity to achieve both their personal goals and the aims of the school. In this way we aim to prepare children to be responsible citizens in their communities.


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