The Cedars Primary School

Financial Information

There are no school employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

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How the school is financed

The Cedars Primary School's funding is determined using a combination of 'place funding' and 'top-up funding'.

Place funding

Our school receives a set amount per high-needs place from the Local Authority (Hounslow). 

The number of places at the school is agreed with the LA.

The school also receives funding in addition to place funding. This is known as 'top-up funding'.

Top-up funding:

  • Is the funding required above the core funding the the school receives, to enable a pupil with high needs to participate in education
  • Is paid by the LA that places the pupil in your school
  • Reflects the additional support costs a school incurs relating to the individual pupil's needs

The Local Authority sets local arrangements for how top-up funding is allocated. 

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